Vermont Tractor Pullers Association
News Proposed Class Rule Changes for the 2018 rule book to be voted on March 10,2018 To vote, you must be a VTPA member. You can only vote in the class (or in the class you plan to pull in this year). Example: Antique can only vote on proposed rule change/changes for the Antique, Garden Division can only vote on proposed rule changes for Garden Division. Antique Division: Proposed: to have the 3.5 mph rule dropped for the Stock Antiques.  Enhanced Antique- no changes to the rules. Trucks: There were no representatives from the various truck classes (2WD Mini Truck rules already discussed in December), so no rule changes proposed. Altered Farm Division: Rules are frozen for 2018 pulling season. Farm Stock and Hot Farm Division: There were no representatives for these divisions, so no rule changes proposed. Garden Division:   Super Stock Class: Proposed changes: Rule 18: Cylinder Head: a.  OHV engines are allowed to run valve cover spacers.        b.  Flat heads and OHV engines with non-modified factory OEM heads (weld or epoxy area smaller than a nickel).  Will run 1100#/1200# with 13 inch hitch.       c.  OHV engines with recast or welded heads.  Will run 1050#/1150# with 12.5 inch hitch. Rule 19: Fuel Systems: Natural Aspiration only.  a.  OHV engines carburetor is limited to one.  Maximum venture size or restrictor plate will be 1.200 inches.  No air entering after the 1.200 inch restriction.      b.  Flat head engines can run any Naturally Aspirated fuel system.  Carbureted engines will run 1100#/1200# with 13 inch hitch.  Fuel injected engines will run 1050#/1150# with 12.5 inch hitch. Rule 20: delete this rule. Add:  Weight and hitch height handicaps can be changed by majority vote at any drivers’ meeting.  Only pullers in the Garden Division will be allowed to vote. Stock Classes: Discussion was had about eliminating PTO if it is written in the rules.   No rule changes proposed. Sport Class: Proposed changes:  Engines Rule 25. Stock crankshaft stroke must be maintained for all v-twin engines. Gasoline Powered Tractors Rule 31. Flat head engines have a maximum total engine displacement of 45 cubic inch.  Billet aluminum heads are allowed for flat heads. Diesel Class: Proposed changes: Engine Rule 17. Engine will be no more than 70 cubic inches in Cam only.  This is based on factory casting numbers.  No sleeving down or de-stroking larger engines. Must be “Cam Box” or “PFR” injection pump.  No electronic or common rail injection systems. V8 Mini Rules: Proposed changes for Class A Minis: limit at 14 degree valve angle for big block engines adding:  Must be stock bore space for OEM manufactured (ie Chevrolet Ford Dodge) engine is based on. Adding:  in-line valve wedge head only for forced induction small blocks Adding:  puller must have tools and equipment to test waste gate to be sealed by VTPA   Changing:  weight class to be 2050# Proposed change for Class B Minis:  weight class to be 2050# Proposed Safety Rule change for all classes: Safety Rule 11. Vehicle must have a 2 ½ pound B/C fire extinguisher or 16 oz cold fire extinguisher, fully charge, with working gauge and be place convenient to operator Note: We will not discuss topics using social media. We need face to face communications in order to understand , ask questions and allow others to offer their view points. I